70' Power Ocean Catamaran.

2006-11.  ltal-Cat YC&S

Ptd appointed external consultant - Project Architect & Project Manager for the firm.

The ital-cat 70’ Power ocean cruiser project is a variation of the main 67' design. This version is fitted with n.2 x 450Kw. electrical magnet-motors connected to shaft propellers drives and see the adoption of advance solar gain energy technology.


• Direction and management of project contracts and design process from conception to executive for its construction. Designed for its target and strategic positioning within the international yacht market.
• Completed exterior and interior design, styling and engineering on specific 3D/CAD-CAM platforms with a process carried out with DFX method: GA arrangements, working drawings, construction and interior design details; design integrations of all engineering calculations parameters on weight and hydro-fluid dynamics.
• Directed the design integration of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronic engineering plants and parts, with research and selection of all specialist manufacturers, suppliers, contractors for the execution of the projects on production phases.
• Direction of R&D: selected and tested innovative construction materials targeting the product to be eco-sustainable during its life and recycled at its end life cycle. Directed research on advanced manufacturing methods with elaboration and outline of an innovative industrial production system based on LEAN manufacturing concept aimed to serial production of one off pieces; research and integration of eco-sustainable applications of solar energy combined with green propulsions systems.
• Directed the tendering selection phases of manufacturers, suppliers, specialist contractors & subcontractors.
• Completed technical specifications outline, overall programming with costs and quantities for both design and construction phases and for marketing purposes towards acquiring potential clients at project stage.
• 3D cad/cam rapid prototyping in reverse engineering for the realization of scale detailed models and parts.
• Directed and realized 3D renderings, visual presentations & brochures for exhibitions, marketing purpose and press releases aiming to the diffusion of the project and the potential acquisition of interested owners.

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