Gange House.

2009-11. Gange House, Benares, India.

PTD appointed to carry out the complete project design and working drawing packages for the house; site construction phases has been directed by a local Architect. The challenge of this project was to design a fabric to be built with very limited building technology, materials and labour skills.

The main design concept was to build a structure that would have prevent solar gain heat to the building interiors during the hot Indian season, while keeping interior warmth during winter without the possibility to use insulation materials unavailable locally. The choice was to use local building technology such as reinforce concrete and bricks materials for the structures and create a ventilated cavity wall around the house perimeter. This concept was applied also on the under-roof terrace slab and below the ground floor slab. The air circulation is allowed during the hot season through holes left open around the entire structure. The openings are shut during the cold season to prevent interiors and structural solar gain heat dispersion. The ground floor slab was kept over maximum water level created by monsoons during their season.

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